What is WordBooster?

WordBooster is a web application that makes vocabulary material out of an English article quickly and reliably. When you enter a URL of a web site, WordBooster generates (1) word list, (2) word quiz, and (3) class-friendly article.

What dictionary do you use?

We use two dictionaries: (1) Oxford English Dictionary (Yes, I mean OED) along with (2) Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary 4th edition. You can choose which dictionary to use in the user profile menu.

Is this going to remain free?

In a simple answer, no. Developing a site as this takes human labor. Plus, the dictionary licenses require annual fee. Without a profitable business model, this site cannot be in existence.

What types of articles can be used for input?

The short answer would be 'a regular news article'. Word Booster is not yet equipped to handle other types of documents such as the front page of a news site, web-based e-mail, Google Doc document, or pdf files.