Hi, I am Andrew, the founder of Word Booster.


Thank you for taking the time to visit word-booster.com. I am a non-native speaker of English, hence have had to be a close friend to dictionaries for many years. But as you may know, looking up new words is really a tedious task. You would be a very diligent learner if you even bothered to look up some of the words you did not know, and you’d be a rare type of a person if you actually write down the words you look up. Making a quiz for that? Well, you must be a teacher if you are doing that.


However, if you think about the kind of words you look up in an article, they are pretty much predictable, meaning, they could be done on computers. So, why not do them? So, we now have word-booster.com that does just that. It gives you a list of words you are likely to look up in the dictionary as far as the given text is concerned, guesses a good dictionary definition for the words (if miss, sorry!) along with example sentences. And finally, it also makes a quiz for the words using both the definitions and example sentences. (Of course we give you answer key.)


I hope Word Booster could help you learn words better. I found myself learning words better than before with our service.



Enjoy learning new words!

- Andrew